o 7 sessions: 1 initial consultation of 60 minutes via Skype or Facetime, and 7 more sessions of 30 minutes (follow up) via Skype, Facetime or call (each session will be pre-scheduled after the first session).
o Unlimited assistance via e-mail.
o Material: Meal Plan, grocery shopping list, grocery shopping guide, suggestions of supplements (as needed), specific orientations according to your personal goals and routine.


6-month program is the queen of all the nutrition programs! You’ll have more accountability, which breeds more success living a ‘whole’ lifestyle. 6 months is the optimal amount of time to see, feel, and make tweaks as your body changes with your new lifestyle and by this time you’ll be a seasoned pro. You’ll be nourishing lifelong habits you feel empowered by and confident in!

Follow Ups: During this session, we will be discussing about your achievements, difficulties, and progress you might have crossed so far. We might have new nutritional adjustments, recommendations, and together set up new goals.

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