How to Organize Your Pantry Like a Pro!

I have decided to make this post after a lot of requests from my clients, or even friends, that want to join this journey of a healthier lifestyle, full of whole and healthy ingredients. Therefore, nothing more fair than sharing how I organize my pantry, with some really practical and cool ideas for you. Keep in mind that having an organized pantry, full of good ingredients is one of the most important things to achieve a healthier YOU and a better lifestyle.

Let’s get started!

organize your pantry


Firstly, you should help yourself by removing all the bad stuff you have (refined carbs, sugary and highly processed food, for example), replacing them with whole and less processed ingredients. Then, you can literally clean out the shelves before placing the ingredients! I like to use a contact paper, like this one, but it is totally optional.


In case you buy a lot of units of the same ingredient, make sure you are aware of the expiration date, so you can place the ingredients that need to be used up earlier in the front.


Besides being more affordable, you can buy according to the quantity that you want. Then you can store your seeds, nuts, and grains in jars like the ones on the pictures (find online here).I love mason jars because they can properly keep the ingredients fresh and it is easier for me to visualize which ingredient I need to refill, and add to my grocery shopping list! There are a lot of supermarkets that sell ingredients in bulk (Mothers Market, Sprouts, Farmers Markets, etc.).

organizing pantry


There are a lot of grains that can be super tricky and look alike, so I try to label all my mason jars to avoid confusions!If you are making or placing a perishable food inside mason jars, you should date when it was made, so you know how long it will be good until.

label your pantry


To make it easier to find room for all the ingredients and also to find items easily in the back of the shelves, I strongly recommend using shelf organizers. There are different sizes, but I usually use this or this turnable one.



If you want to embrace a healthier and whole lifestyle, diversifying what you eat, it is crucial to make sure you always have enough ingredients in your pantry. Following the previous steps will make it easier to visualize what you have and what you need to fill in! Try to always make a grocery shopping list, and as soon as you realize there is something that needs to be replenished, just add it to your grocery shopping list! Easy!

how to organize your pantry

Well, that’s how I do it here! I hope this will be helpful and practical for many of you! Thank you for reading it! Please fill free to make questions or even make some suggestion! Thanks! Xoxo

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